Scale tickets track module numbers and weights, bale information, USDA class, and warehouse data. Recording the correct information is essential as the scale ticket information remains with a bale of cotton while it makes its way through the marketing pipeline. Therefore, the highly effective TELCOT® Scale Ticket Software offered by PCCA is a valuable program for today’s cotton gin:

  • The scale ticket program ties directly into PCCA’s Gin Accounting software to update cottonseed purchases, inventory, gin accounts receivable, and gin revenue.
  • Through the program, gins may access a number of beneficial production reports in addition to daily and year-to-date ginning summaries, office reports, and USDA classing data.
  • PCCA’s scale ticket program will interface with many of today’s sophisticated bale handling systems. For example, Lubbock Electric’s EAGL.SYS®, Rusty’s Weigh, and BC Supply systems.

For more information, PCCA’s Cotton Services/Gin Accounting or call 806-763-8011.