PCCA Marketing delivers now and in the future.

PCCA pays dividends by offering value-added cotton marketing choices designed to extract every ounce of value from each bale.We utilize the strength of our true cooperative structure to pay strong results now and create long-term benefits for you and your family.

Professionally-Managed Pool Marketing

Our pools are the most popular marketing option because they consistently provide strong price results and superior long-term results because we are the supplier of choice to many of the world’s leading cotton buyers and textile mills. PCCA’s pools are managed by our experienced professional marketers and merchandisers that stay in direct contact with our grower-owners to carefully manage risks. PCCA pays full loan premiums and has the flexibility to make price adjustments for qualities that perform above the market.

PCCA Pool Delivers:

  • Superior Long-Term Results
  • Company Ownership
  • Expert Marketing Team
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Cooperative Marketing Power
  • Global Sales Network
  • Reliability

Electronic Marketing

Electronic Marketing is available to growers that want more direct involvement with marketing their production on The Seam®, cotton’s online marketplace. Farmers offering their cotton on The Seam instantly get access to the world’s largest network of buyers, and offers can be sold at a firm price or by counter offer. PCCA and The Seam guarantee the performance of every trade and quickly pay the grower after the sale.


PCCA grower-owners have the option to market their crops prior to or at harvest using our contracts. These contracts provide a tool our grower-owners can utilize to lock-in a base price on their production.


  • Take advantage of rising markets prior to or at harvest
  • Grower-owners can place good-till-cancelled (GTC) orders at a market level that meets their needs
  • Grower-owners will receive any eligible LDP payment available at the time of invoicing
  • Contract participants are patrons of PCCA’s Marketing Division and receive any dividends allocated to that division

Member Access

Timely information about your farming operation is crucial. That’s why PCCA grower-owners can access their account activity 24/7 from anywhere using their mobile device or computer.


Gin Account Information:

  • View Account & Ginning Summaries
  • View Class Information
  • Download Class Recap

View Invoice Statements

View Your PCCA Check Register

View Your Patronage Statements

Sign Up to Receive SMS (Text Message) Alerts for:

  • Class Information
  • Scale Ticket Information
  • Futures Prices (choose from Cotton, Corn, Feeder Cattle, Kansas City Wheat, Live Cattle, Soybeans and Chicago Wheat)
  • Mobile Version Available


Supply chain performance is a key value driver for our grower-owners’ cotton. Our warehouses carefully store, sort and ship this cotton. Maintaining efficiency while performing at industry standards provides additional value to our grower-owners.

Warehouse Locations:

  • Texas: Sweetwater, Big Spring, Rule
  • Oklahoma: Altus
  • Kansas: Liberal

Marketing Text Alerts

Sign up to receive cotton market updates by text with PCCA’s new marketing text alert service. The information you will receive includes market highlights featuring USDA reports, economic news and other market-related information. You can sign up to receive text alerts through the Member Access portal online.

Printable – PCCA Service Brochure