Farming is a long-term business proposition.

PCCA members are entrepreneurs with a long-term plan for success. This plan means members intentionally invest in their future success by cooperating instead of competing with each other. In turn, PCCA pays dividends by offering value-added cotton marketing choices designed to extract every ounce of value from each bale.

With a tradition of innovation, PCCA’s brand is built around quality, service and value to our customers. This results in significant added value to you. We utilize the strength of our true cooperative structure to pay strong results now and create long-term value for you and your community.

Professionally-Managed Pool Marketing

Our pools are the most popular marketing option because they consistently provide strong price results and superior long-term performance. Our pools also produce results based on being the supplier of choice to many of the world’s leading cotton buyers and textile mills. PCCA creates additional value to these customers by maintaining a large selection of cotton with integrated supply chain services, and our pool members directly leverage the benefit of that additional value in our annual returns.

PCCA’s pools are managed by our experienced professional marketers and merchandisers that stay in direct contact with our membership to carefully manage risks. We also utilize our network of gin managers and our worldwide agents to analyze supply and demand factors that affect markets and their impact on prices.

PCCA pays full loan premiums and has the flexibility to make price adjustments for qualities that perform above the market.

Electronic Marketing

PCCA provides members that want more direct involvement with marketing their production exclusive access to sell cotton on The Seam®, cotton’s online marketplace. PCCA pioneered this unique system of selling cotton in 1975. Since then, our members have securely sold millions of bales to buyers around the world.

Farmers offering their cotton online instantly get access to the world’s largest network of buyers, and offers can be sold at a firm price or by counter offer. The Seam guarantees the performance of every trade and quickly pays the farmer after the sale.

Forward Contracts

PCCA members have the option to market their crops prior to harvest using PCCA’s forward contracts. These contracts provide a tool our members can utilize to lock-in a base price on a portion of their production.

Member Access

Timely information about your farming operation is crucial. That’s why PCCA members can access their account activity from anywhere using their mobile device or computer. Members can review their scale tickets, gin account data, statements, checks, and more 24/7. In addition, members can get market information on-demand via text messages to their phones.


Supply chain performance is a key value driver for our members’ cotton. Our warehouses carefully store, sort and ship this cotton. Maintaining efficiency while performing at industry standards provides additional value to our members and routinely generates strong returns in the form of dividends.

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