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U.S. Denim Industry Remaining True in a Blue Market

Denim is a versatile fabric: soft enough to be comfortable yet tough enough to withstand many years of wear and tear. In much the same way, denim makers across the country now are weathering revolving storms in the market by being flexible enough to adapt to new consumer expectations while remaining consistent in their commitment… Read more »

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Mission Valley’s “Perspective” Hits the Streets

For Spring, 2000 Fabric Trends Spring is in the air at Mission Valley Fabrics (MVF)… spring, 2000 that is, as the newest division of Plains Cotton Cooperative Association launched its latest apparel line in December for presentation to customers around the country. Influenced by personal views and personal style, the title for MVF’s spring, 2000… Read more »

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Leadership Programs Help Participants Blossom

Cotton producers, cattle growers, ag lenders and the many other diversified people that comprise the agriculture industry may be divided by distance, interests and outlook, but all have one thing in common: their livelihoods are dependent upon agriculture’s ability to survive and grow. In order for this goal to be met, energetic and motivated people… Read more »

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TACC Awards go to Newton, Sullivan and Hensley

Three distinguished individuals recently were presented with notable awards at the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council’s (TACC) annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. Steve Newton, manager of Owens Coop Gin near Ralls, TX, was recognized as TACC’s Cooperative Ginner of the Year. Following in the footsteps of his father, Bob Newton, a recipient of TACC’s Cooperative… Read more »

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Cotton Pickings

Delegate Body Representatives Recently, a number of PCCA delegate body representatives were elected or re-elected by their local coop gins. The following list was compiled through March 22, 1999. Coop Gin Delegates Harmon County Flora Craddock Liberty Franklin Dunn Comings & Goings A number of cooperative gins have announced management changes in recent months. If… Read more »

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