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Tech Students Receive Alford Scholarship

Three students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) at Texas Tech University received the Howard Alford Memorial Scholarship this year. Nathan Klatt, a sophomore range management major from Hale Center, Texas, Amanda Reed, an Anton, Texas, native and junior agricultural economics major, and sophomore agricultural education major Lacy Simon from Lubbock,… Read more »

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Cotton Pickings

Delegate Body Representatives Recently, a number of PCCA delegate body representatives were elected or re-elected by their local coop gins. The following list was compiled through June 19, 2002. Coop Gin Delegates Amherst Freddie Maxwell Northwest Cotton Growers Randall Lucas Wilson Gary Houchin Comings & Goings A number of cooperative gins have announced management changes… Read more »

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PCCA’s 49th Annual Stockholders Meeting

Will Be Held September 18, 2002, 2 p.m. at PCCA 3301 East 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas Board Nominations and Pool Committee Election Results PCCA Delegates have nominated the following candidates to stand for election to PCCA’s Board of Directors. The election will be held at the cooperative’s annual meeting. District 8 Raymond Althof District 9 Wendell… Read more »

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Fifty Years Together

As you will be aware in looking through this issue of Commentator, this year represents the 50th anniversary for our cooperative. More incredible to me than that is that I have been here for half of our history, 25 years this March. I have seen first hand so many of the things that have happened… Read more »

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Levi Strauss & Co. Enters Mass Markets

Creates Signature Brand for Wal-Mart and Other Discount Stores Seeking to win back the bargain-minded shopper, Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.) announced on Oct. 31 a deal that will introduce a new Levi’s brand to the world’s largest retailer. Wal-Mart, in an effort to add more stylish apparel to its stores, will carry the new Levi… Read more »

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Rising U.S. Cotton Prices A Double-edged Sword

As the bulk of the 2002-03 U.S. cot-ton crop hits the marketplace, cot-ton prices on the New York Cotton Exchange seem to have made a recovery. In fact, cotton prices in early December were approximately 10 cents higher than one year ago. The scenario, however, is a “double-edged sword,” according to David Stanford, PCCA’s vice… Read more »

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