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How Do We Ship Your Cotton?

The Traffic and Invoicing Department at Plains Cotton Cooperative Association is a dedicated team full of experienced individuals who work together to achieve the goal of being the world’s cotton supplier of choice. With 90 years of combined experience among seven employees, the Traffic and Invoicing staff successfully ships and invoices cotton quickly and efficiently.… Read more »

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Making the Right Marketing Decision

Marketing decisions became much more complex in September 2014 for producers who do not deliver their cotton to a marketing pool. That was when the adjusted world price (AWP) fell below the CCC base loan rate of 52 cents per pound for the first time since November 2009. The AWP is calculated weekly by USDA… Read more »

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Handled With Care

Cotton Bales in Warehouse

Adding Value to Members’ Cotton Preserving the quality of the cotton, shipping it in a timely manner, and striving for efficiency are always a top priority for Plains Cotton Cooperative Association’s Warehouse Division. This season, it is estimated that the division will receive approximately 950,000 bales. Each bale the division receives is handled with care… Read more »

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Marketing Cotton

Getting the Best Possible Price for Our Members’ Cotton Selling cotton is not as simple as it may seem. It is a complex and detail-oriented process, much like an airline pilot’s pre-flight checklist. At PCCA, selling members’ cotton is all about getting the best possible price, ensuring profitability on each sale and managing risk. Almost every… Read more »

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Cotton Prices Fall to Lowest Level in Five Years

Cotton Harvest

Outlook for 2015 Uncertain   Cotton prices as measured by the December futures contract have fallen more than 20 cents per pound since the 2014 U.S. crop was planted. In early May, December cotton at the Intercontinental Exchange was trading in the low 80-cent range on continued drought fears in Texas and the rest of… Read more »

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