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Letter from the President

Lately, I’ve spent time trying to think of an area of farming that doesn’t have a high level of risk for our grower-owners. So far, no risk-free activity has come to mind. The fact that our growers continue to adapt their operations to address all of the expensive and risky factors they face each year requires faith, ingenuity, and… Read more »

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Grit and Grace: Lee Anne Hutto-Powell

Born and raised on a 2,800-acre sheep ranch near Del Rio, Texas, in the 1950s, Lee Anne Hutto-Powell has spent her whole life in the world of agriculture. Best described as a woman with as much grit as she has grace – she can do anything she sets her mind to, including running a farming operation with her husband, Larry… Read more »

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Family Comes First: The Jordan Family’s Story

September 1, 2018 – A day the Jordan family will never forget. What began as a seemingly normal day quickly took a turn for the worse. Approaching a year later, the road to recovery continues. High school sweethearts who have been married for almost 20 years, David and Kristi Jordan, reside in Lubbock, Texas, and have two… Read more »

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Cotton Contamination: Why It Is an Important Issue

What if there was an issue at hand that was almost entirely preventable, and was decreasing the value of farmers’ hard-earned production and harming the reputation of U.S. cotton worldwide? What if there were solutions to help solve the problem that only needed to be adopted? Cotton contamination in the United States is an issue that has… Read more »

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Co-op Gins Approaching a Century of Service

A dozen co-op gins in West Texas and Oklahoma have served their grower-owners for more than 90 years. Some were founded prior to the Capper-Volstead Act that was adopted by the U.S. Congress on February 18, 1922. The Act authorized agricultural producers to form voluntary cooperative associations for the purpose of producing, handling and marketing farm products and provided them with certain exemptions from antitrust laws. Often referred to… Read more »

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Understanding Book Credits

As a grower-owner of PCCA, you share in the profits of the company. The money that is paid back to the membership is done so by way of patronage dividends. As your cooperative sends out year-end patronage dividends, information regarding dividends, book credits and retirements seemed fitting for this issue. What are book credits at… Read more »

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Popular Service Turns 15

Member Access phone web

  A groundbreaking new program was created and introduced by PCCA 15 years ago, and it has become one of the most popular services among the co-op’s grower-owners and gin personnel. Member Access was created based on increased use of the Internet in agriculture and to provide grower-owners daily access to all of their PCCA… Read more »

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Sustainability: It Starts at the Farm

cotton in no-till field

  Every farm and every farmer face different situations and challenges each year. Different locations, operations, soil types, weather conditions and other factors influence the decisions made on the farm every day. However, all farmers share a common goal – to make a living and provide for their families and the growing population today, while… Read more »

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