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Vol. 30, No. 1 | Spring 1997

Market Shifts Focus to ’97 Crop

The cotton market has begun to shift its focus to the 1997 crop as supplies of old-crop cotton available for sale dwindle to low levels, and at this time, there is plenty of intrigue to capture and hold attention. USDA’s first planting intentions report for the 1997 crop, released March 31, surprised most market analysts… Read more »

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State Legislature Tackles Key Issues Affecting Agriculture

Watchdog Group Offers Input to Protect Industry’s Interests From the opening to the closing gavel of the 75th Texas Legislature, a small but influential group of men and women will work countless hours to protect the interests of Texas agriculture, the state’s second largest industry. Gathering as an informal coalition called the Texas Agricultural Council,… Read more »

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Water Management Recieves Top Priority in State Senate

An intense drought and projected population growth has forced the state of Texas to focus much of its attention on water during the current legislative session, but easy, agreeable solutions are not anticipated. A comprehensive water management plan was introduced in January by State Senator J.E. “Buster” Brown of Lake Jackson. Lt. Governor Bob Bullock… Read more »

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TACC Honors Coop Leaders and Innovators

Four well-known cotton leaders from the High Plains area were honored recently by the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council (TACC) for their dedicated and diligent efforts on behalf of the cotton industry. Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) President and Chief Executive Officer Van May was named TACC Cooperator of the Year, and H.R. “Shorty” Donaldson, manager… Read more »

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Internship Program Celebrates 10th Anniversary

In today’s workplace, employers often look for practical, hands-on experience when it comes to candidates for employment. Internships are an effective way to gain the experience many employers want and the real-world job skills employees need in order to be successful. The reasons for taking on the extra responsibility of an internship are endless. Valuable… Read more »

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Discovering Profitability Through Analysis

  A crucial aspect of farming is discovering the profitability of an operation through record keeping efforts. Thanks to funding provided by the Texas State Support Committee for Cotton Research, Cotton Incorporated and the Cotton Economics Research Line-Item at Texas Tech University, an effort is underway to assist farmers in this aspect of farm management.… Read more »

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Agriculture’s Voices in the Texas Legislature

The shift from a rural society to an urban dominated one in Texas has had and will continue to have important consequences for the state’s agricultural industry as fewer legislators can claim direct ties to the land. It is a concern that is never absent from the mind of Speaker of the House Pete Laney, a… Read more »

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