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Vol. 33, No. 1 | Spring 2000

Be Prepared

For several months now we have been discussing with the board of directors and the delegate body the difficult year we are having in our Textile Division. In case the word hasn’t filtered out to all of you yet, I want to devote this column to bringing you up to date on exactly where we… Read more »

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Harvesting New Business

Textile Division Gains New Customers When the American Cotton Growers (ACG) Denim Mill opened its doors in 1976, its purpose was production of heavy-weight denim solely for Levi-Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.). The apparel manufacturer has remained a strong customer throughout ACG’s history, but due to LS&Co.’s decline in business in recent years, it has decreased its… Read more »

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Mission Valley Modernization Continues

Improved Quality and Efficiency Already Appearing Anticipated, positive results from the modernization project currently in progress at Mission Valley Fabrics (MVF) already are appearing. The nine-month project will wrap up in May. Changes in the weave room at MVF include replacement of 202 old Sulzer looms with 77 new, faster looms which are being installed… Read more »

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Remain Alert – Avoid Creepy Crawlers on the Farm

Rural areas, which include farms and ranches, are susceptible to visits by unwanted snakes, spiders and insects whose bites and stings can cause serious injury to farmers, farm workers and farm animals. Fire ants can be both harmful and helpful to a farmer. Calves and very old animals are susceptible to attacks by fire ants… Read more »

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Ag Rescuers

The Farmers’ Friends Over the past few years, farm safety has emerged in the media, state extension services and other organizations as a prominent issue in agriculture. Events like Progressive Farmermagazine’s Farm Safety Day Camp program try to educate and inform agriculturists about potential risks in their jobs. In 1998, more than 40,000 children and… Read more »

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TACC Presents Awards

PCCA Director Among Honorees The Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council (TACC) during its annual meeting in Fort Worth, TX, recently honored individuals from the Texas Panhandle and High and Rolling Plains for their efforts and dedication to the cotton and cooperative industries. Edgar L. “Junior” Follis was named TACC Cooperative Ginner of the Year, and Distinguished… Read more »

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Legislation Critical to U.S. Textile Industry

Has Direct Impact on Coop’s Textile Division One of the most important trade bills in recent years remained in a House/Senate Conference Committee at this writing in late March. The legislation will have a direct impact on the U.S. textile industry, including the Mission Valley Fabrics division of Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), by enabling… Read more »

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Brandon is New Cotton Board Rep

Kimberlea Brandon began her new job at the Cotton Board in December as the southwest field representative. Replacing Wayne Cleveland, who is now the senior director of Field Services, Brandon serves to promote awareness of the Cotton Research and Promotion Program throughout Texas and Oklahoma. The Cotton Board will benefit from Brandon’s previous experience working at… Read more »

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