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Vol. 31, No. 2 | Summer 1998

Odds and Ends

Not having any clear theme for this column it seemed appropriate to title it “Odds and Ends” and just update you on several items of interest. First, the difference between the kind of year we closed out on June 30 and the upcoming year we are facing could not be much broader. It appears that… Read more »

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With Skilled Personnel Sales and Marketing Play Key Roles in Mission Valley’s Success

The recent acquisition of Mission Valley Textiles, Inc., by Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) brought many new dimensions to the cooperative’s business. The most obvious is the expansion of PCCA’s current denim manufacturing capability to include yarn-dyed, woven fabrics and the opportunity to return more money to the coop’s members. Renamed Mission Valley Fabrics Division… Read more »

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Keeping Kids Safe on the Farm

Strangers often are a scary threat to children. While parents remember to warn their youngsters about the threat strangers can pose, they often overlook a more serious problem that is closer to home; the dangers children face every time they are on a farm. Unfortunately, farm accidents are a serious and frequent occurrence. According to… Read more »

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Production and Price Uncertainty Dominate Cotton Market

The majority of the 1998-99 U.S. cotton crop has been tormented by adverse weather conditions this season, prompting a wide range of production estimates from those in the market. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the size of the U.S. crop, and its potential impact on cotton prices, analysts have been paying keen attention to any… Read more »

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Marketing Success Draws Gins to PCCA

Editor’s Note: The following is a continuation of the story that appeared in the Spring 1998 issue of Commentator featuring Texas and Oklahoma gins that recently have signed onto the marketing programs and services offered by Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA). In the spring issue, Commentator featured Progreso Coop Gin, south of Progreso, TX; Brownsville… Read more »

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Designing Fabrics for the Future

At the Mission Valley Fabrics Division of PCCA Mission Valley’s sales and marketing effort encompasses a critically important segment of the fashion industry; product development. This activity involves much more than guesswork. To be successful, new designs must be based on thorough research of fashion trends and consumer demands. Jack Mathews, president of Mission Valley… Read more »

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Ronnie Nettles Named TCGA Ginner of the Year

Four decades of service to Texas cotton producers was recognized recently when Wilson Coop Gin Manager Ronnie Nettles was named the 1998 Ginner of the Year by the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association (TCGA). The award is the highest honor given by the association to people who have proven their dedication to the cotton industry, their… Read more »

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Bryan Gregory Named Mission Valley Plant Manager

Bryan Gregory was named plant manager of Mission Valley Fabrics Division of Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA) in New Braunfels, TX, in early May 1998 after a decade working for the American Cotton Growers (ACG) Denim Mill in Littlefield, TX. Gregory grew up in Littlefield where he graduated from high school in 1983. He received… Read more »

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Cotton Pickings

Delegate Body Representatives Recently, a number of PCCA delegate body representatives were elected or re-elected by their local coop gins. The following list was compiled through June 17, 1998. Coop Gin Delegates Haskell Jimmy Burson Liberty Buddy Hettler New Home Dahlen Hancock Comings & Goings A number of cooperative gins have announced management changes in… Read more »

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