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Vol. 36, No. 2 | Summer 2003

Southwest Cotton Outlook Varied

Rolling Plains by Shelby Axtell Texas Rolling Plains cotton producers are looking forward to a good harvest this season. Some of the region’s crop received sufficient rainfall, and gin managers are expecting to gin about the same number of bales as last year. Jones County cotton, which is 100 percent dryland, appeared to benefit from… Read more »

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Levi Strauss Signature Brand A Success with Back-to-School Shoppers

The new Levi Strauss Signature Brand clothing line hit Wal-Mart shelves just as back-to-school shoppers hit the stores this season. Designed for the value-conscious consumer, the innovative line includes jeans sewn from denim manufactured by Plains Cotton Cooperative Association’s (PCCA) Textile Division. Launched at Wal-Mart stores nationwide July 25, 2003, Levi Strauss Signature Brand was… Read more »

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Power Technology Rolls into Cotton Gins

New technology is rolling into cotton gins and could put more money into producers’ pockets. With the funding assistance of Cotton Incorporated, the Power Roll Gin Stand was developed and now is being installed in gins throughout the Cotton Belt by PRT Marketing, LLC. Described as the first truly revolutionary redesign of the cotton gin… Read more »

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Still Going Strong

Cotton producers in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas continue to benefit from a program that began in 1982 when American Cotton Growers (ACG), a pool marketing and denim manufacturing cooperative, began paying a premium to its members who produced higher strength cotton. Although born out of necessity, the premium for strength had a domino effect throughout… Read more »

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Cotton Pickings

Delegate Body Representatives Recently, a number of PCCA delegate body representatives were elected or re-elected by their local coop gins. The following list was compiled through August 20, 2003. Coop Gin Delegates Coyanosa Dennis Braden Enochs J.C. Snitker Lockney Keith Phillips Loraine Billy Hallman Muleshoe James Brown Petersburg Bryan Fullingim Pleasant Hill Max Campbell Ropes… Read more »

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