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Vol. 39, No. 1 | Spring/Summer 2006

Denim Mill Employee Serves in Iraq

Joe Ward, die range creeler for the ACG denim mill, can be described by using many words, but there is one word that stands out over the others; dedicated. Ward is dedicated to his family, dedicated to his job, and dedicated to his country. Army National Guard Specialist Ward, 2-142 infantry, spent the past year… Read more »

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Cotton Pickings

Comings and Goings A number of cooperative gins have announced management changes in recent months. If we have overlooked anyone, our apologies. Please contact us at 806-763-8011, extension 285, if your gin’s management has changed or if there is other news you would like to share with the readers of Commentator. Coop Gin New Manager… Read more »

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