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Vol. 45, No. 3 | Summer 2015

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Meet Kevin Brinkley

PCCA’s New President and Chief Executive Officer PCCA entered a new era on July 1 when Kevin Brinkley officially became president and chief executive officer of the cooperative. Brinkley’s hiring was announced on April 24 by PCCA Chairman Eddie Smith following a nationwide search. “We are very pleased to announce the selection of Kevin to lead… Read more »

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Will 2015-16 Be Another Year of Uncertainty?

Cotton Futures Prices Confined to Narrow Range Cotton futures prices at the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in New York traded in the upper 50-cent range during January as bearish supply and demand figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and negative economic news weighed on the market; however, by February, prices began to advance into the mid-60s.… Read more »

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Rain, Rain, Come and Stay?

How much will it rain this year? This question is always on a farmer’s mind when spring time rolls around. Dozens of decisions must be made that revolve around this one simple question and each farmer will hope and pray they will have favorable weather to produce their crop for the year. In recent years, widespread… Read more »

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The Future of Cotton Production in Kansas

For the past 20 years, cotton has been consistently grown in Southern Kansas. Cotton production and winnings have exceeded 1.1 million bales since 1996 in 26 Southern Kansas counties. However, cotton farmers in Kansas have faced a few challenges that have hindered the expansion of cotton production in their state. Harvesting equipment requires a significant… Read more »

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Adapt, Overcome, Improve

Innovation. Adaptation. Ingenuity. These are all words that describe the cotton industry in the High Plains. One of the main reasons the industry has been so successful is due to the increasing number of cotton varieties available today. Dr. Jane Dever, Associate Professor of Soil and Crop Sciences and Cotton Breeder at Texas A&M AgriLife… Read more »

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TACC Honors Outstanding Individuals

Each year, the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council (TACC) selects individuals to receive awards for their service and dedication to the industry. This year was no exception as Bob Ballard, Tommy Engelke and Lonnie Winters were honored at TACC’s Joint Cooperative Meeting held in Galveston, Texas, this past March. GINNER OF THE YEAR AWARD Bob Ballard,… Read more »

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