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Vol. 29, No. 4 | Winter 1996-1997

Cotton Pickings

Delegate Body Representatives Recently, a number of PCCA delegate body representatives were elected or re-elected by their local coop gins. The following list was compiled through November 20, 1996. Coop Gin Delegates Ackerly Farmers Buddy Dyer Acuff – McClung J.L. Talley Ballinger Dennis Minzenmeyer Cotton Center Keith Jones Fiber – Tex Scott Hamm Halfway David… Read more »

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Why Pooling Works

I bumped into a long-time member of ours at lunch the other day, and we were talking about marketing this year’s crop. He has been in our pool the last several years and has become a big fan of pooling. He told me the thing he really likes about it is that it “takes all… Read more »

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