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Vol. 37, No. 3 | Winter 2004-2005

Providing Important Services to Members and Gins

Nestled in the center of PCCA’s headquarters in Lubbock, Texas, the Grower Services department is filled with the rustling of paperwork, the tap-tap- tapping of fingers on keyboards and the constant ringing of telephones. Especially during the cotton harvest season, the Grower Services office is alive with activity each day. The name “TELCOT Center” always… Read more »

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Consecutive Records Spark Warehouse Expansion

Steadily increasing cotton production on the Texas Rolling Plains, punctuated by a potential for consecutive record receipts at PCCA’s Rolling Plains Cooperative Compress (RPCC), has prompted an expansion of storage capacity at the facility in Sweetwater, Texas. The decision to expand the RPCC operation was finalized in May 2004, and construction began later that month.… Read more »

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Texas Tech Recognizes PCCA Chairman

PCCA Chairman Eddie Smith was honored as a Gerald W. Thomas Outstanding Agriculturalist at the 77th annual Pig Roast on Nov. 19, 2004, an event hosted by Texas Tech University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Among the three recipients of the award, Smith was recognized for his leadership and achievement in agricultural production.… Read more »

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One of ACG’s Own Returns from Iraq

West Texas seems a million miles away from Iraq and the war there, but for Sergeant 1st Class Terri Rivera and her family, the war could not be closer to home. Rivera, a native of Olton, Texas, has been a beamer at American Cotton Growers (ACG) for 13 years, but in January 2003, she left… Read more »

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Record U.S. and World Production Weighs on Market

As late as mid-December, events of the 2004 crop year continued to keep producers and cotton market observers on the edge of their seats. Meanwhile, producers from Texas to Kansas worked diligently to harvest their cotton between weather fronts, and both the U.S. and world cotton crops continued to grow larger in governmental reports. In… Read more »

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Import Quota Phase-out Threatens Textile/Apparel Trade

Coalition Launches Full-Scale Offensive to Protect Millions of Jobs Worldwide An all-out offensive was launched on two fronts in recent months by a coalition of textile and apparel industry organizations facing an impending crisis resulting from the worldwide expiration of import quotas on textile and clothing products on Jan. 1, 2005. U.S. cotton producers, through… Read more »

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With a Little Help, an Old Deere Runs Again

Cotton Center FFA Team Brings Home National Championship In Cotton Center, Texas, an entire high school senior class and two junior class members are a unique combination of indi- viduals to participate in an agricultural mechanics contest, especially if the group consists of three homecoming queen candidates, four cheerleaders, two mascots, two football players, and… Read more »

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Stamford Farmer Remembers Good Old Days

Stamford Coop Gin lies on the outskirts of Stamford, Texas. Like many cotton gins, the office usually is occupied by a farmer or two discussing crop conditions and the weather. But this gin has something others do not: Iredale Rogers. Rogers is a 90-year-old retired farmer that stops by the Stamford gin every week to… Read more »

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Member Access Provides New Services

PCCA members visiting the cooperative’s Member Access web site will see some interesting changes. PCCA Vice President of Grower Services Dean Church said current users of Member Access were surveyed and asked what features they wanted to see on the web site, and many of the suggestions were implemented. The Member Access was launched in… Read more »

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