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Vol. 44, No. 1 | Winter 2014

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Getting it Right

 Marketing Communications Team Collects Crucial Information Estimating the size of PCCA’s marketing pools each crop year is vitally important to ensure success based on policy set by the farmer-members of the cooperative’s pool committees. In some years, almost half of the crop may be sold before the first bale is ginned; therefore, it is important… Read more »

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Clouds of Uncertainty

Cotton with Clouds

China, the world’s largest cotton producer, consumer and importer, has long been a dominant force in the global market, perhaps even more so this marketing year, and it is commanding the attention of virtually all traders and analysts under clouds of uncertainty. A procurement program for its strategic reserves the past three years has resulted… Read more »

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In Memory of Jackie Mull

Longtime director and former PCCA Chairman Jackie Mull, 75, passed away Dec. 8, 2013. A lifelong resident of Idalou, Texas, Jackie served on the PCCA Board of Directors for 24 years and was chairman from 1986 to 2004. While he was chairman, PCCA made many advancements to better serve the cooperative’s members and the U.S.… Read more »

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Truck to Table

It is no secret the denim industry can be a very ruthless marketplace. In order to stay competitive, the American Cotton Growers (ACG) denim mill has developed a “Truck to Table” initiative with the goals of becoming more profitable and efficient while producing a highly sought-after product. ACG is part of PCCA’s Textile and Apparel… Read more »

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Cotton or Nothing

Raising Awareness. Coming Together. Supporting Cotton. This year, two programs have been launched to advocate for cotton and the cotton industry, Cotton LEADS and the Cotton Or Nothing campaigns. Cotton Australia, The National Cotton Council, Cotton Incorporated and Cotton Council International (CCI) joined forces to launch a joint campaign, Cotton LEADS, to raise awareness of… Read more »

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Getting Social

PCCA in the Social Media It’s no secret that the agricultural industry is ever changing. From evolving tillage practices to improved planting dates, seed rates, and innovative GPS systems, new technology is continually propelling the industry forward. But there’s a new piece of technology some may not be too familiar with called social media. It… Read more »

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Module Tracking System is PCCA’s Latest Innovation

A module tracking system is the latest innovation in PCCA’s never-ending quest to develop and provide enhanced services to its members and to gins. The system helps make ginning operations more efficient and creates a new revenue stream for PCCA. “We were approached by a gin in Gaines County, Texas, to develop the module tracking… Read more »

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Choose Cotton

From the time a fashion design is conceived until it hits store shelves, designers have multiple decisions to make regarding color schemes, style and fabric type. PCCA along with Cotton Council International (CCI) and Cotton Incorporated sponsor a design contest called Cotton and Denim Runway as a way to introduce students at Texas Tech University… Read more »

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