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Vol. 46, No. 1 | Winter 2016

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PCCA Joins Industry in Communicating Sustainability Message

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Market trends and research are showing consumers around the world are increasingly concerned that the food and fiber products they consume are responsibly produced by farmers that care about people and the environment. In August 2015, PCCA officially became a partner with Cotton LEADS™, a program committed to promoting responsible cotton production centered on core… Read more »

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TAWC Improves Water Management Through Education

From the Dust Bowl in the 1920s to the fluctuation of rains in the last few years, there is no doubt water has become a precious resource to farmers in West Texas. Thankfully, an organization based in Lubbock, Texas, is revolutionizing the way water is used in the region’s farmlands. Established in 2005 and funded… Read more »

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Mark Pryor Named CEO of The Seam

Growing up surrounded by agriculture and developing a passion for technology at a young age prepared Mark Pryor for the role of CEO of The Seam. Pryor was named CEO in August 2015 after working several years with the company in multiple positions. The Seam was founded in December 2000 by PCCA and other leading… Read more »

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A Career of Cooperatives

Gail Kring Retires from PYCO Looking back on his nearly 50-year career, Gail Kring said his favorite thing was learning and realizing the true value of the cooperative system. “When you first start working here, you do not realize what the cooperative system is,” Kring said. “You are just young, and you are doing a… Read more »

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Letter from the President

Thinking About the Future Lately, I have been taking stock of our assumptions about how we view markets for cotton. Much of what we believe is shaped by the momentum of news and analysis we read. I think we sometimes tend to put all our eggs in one basket. Maybe it’s time we applied a… Read more »

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Cotton Market Flatlined by Slow Demand

The cotton market so far this season has been a virtual mirror image of a year ago with futures prices locked in a narrow 60- to 68-cent range. Slow demand resulting from a number of factors has thwarted any opportunities for the market to gain some momentum as the world’s textile mills have been buying cotton… Read more »

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A Family Tradition

The Abernathy family received the most votes and won the contest, and the three families with the most votes won the opportunity to be featured in this edition of Commentator.

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