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Vol. 47, No. 1 | Winter 2016-2017

PCCA Offers New Marketing Text Alert Service to Members

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PCCA is a grower-owned cooperative whose mission is to ensure the long-term profitability of our grower-owners through value- added marketing programs and through services to their gins. Part of ensuring this mission is fulfilled is making sure PCCA’s grower- owners are informed about the market and other issues that impact farming operations. Marketing Text Alerts… Read more »

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Tough Times, Soft Heart

Jack Holcomb’s Living Legacy Strength. Lila Bradshaw chose this single word to describe her father. Jack Holcomb, a leader in his local and regional agricultural cooperatives. In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attack on America, Bradshaw, like many Americans, was emotional and fearful of the future. She turned to her father for some… Read more »

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A New Mission For A Rapidly Changing Economic Environment

Cotton Boll

PCCA updated its mission statement in 2016 in response to a rapidly changing economic environment and its impact on the cooperative’s grower-owners. The change was announced at PCCA’s annual meeting in September following an intensive and thorough review by the board of directors and senior management. “PCCA is striving to be the kind of company… Read more »

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Women in Agriculture, Women in Cotton

Whether running the farming operation, supporting it and her family behind the scenes, or working in the industry, women play an integral role in agriculture; more specifically the cotton industry. The Cotton Board realized this and saw an opportunity to begin putting an emphasis on reaching out and educating women in agriculture. In August 2016,… Read more »

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Meet the PCCA Board of Directors

PCCA is a grower-owned cooperative. Being such, it is governed by a board of directors. Members from each of PCCA’s 11 districts elect a representative to serve on the board. Do you know the individuals who are making decisions for your company? Learn more about who they are and why they serve. Eddie Smith –… Read more »

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Letter from the President

Recently, I have been asking growers to help me understand their biggest concerns for the future—what keeps them up at night? The most common answers were focused on low commodity prices coupled with the high cost of production. But, growers in the mid-to-latter part of their careers are spending a lot time thinking about succession… Read more »

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