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Vol. 49, No. 1 | Winter 2018-2019

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Letter from the President

One of the most unique aspects of a true cooperative is the transparency of its strategy and operations to its grower-owners. Ownership of PCCA means you participate in your cooperative as a patron (user) and a decision maker. Because of this unusual structure, we provide our grower-owners with as much information as possible. We deliver… Read more »

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Sustainable Cotton, Responsible Growers

Cotton Boll Sunset

  Why do farmers farm? This question is one that is understood by many within agriculture, yet baffles many not in the industry. If you were to ask a group of farmers why they farm each one would give you a different, unique answer. “I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father and… Read more »

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Currency Values Weigh on Demand for U.S. Cotton

As far as U.S. row crops go, cotton is particularly susceptible to foreign exchange. As opposed to U.S. grains, the vast majority of U.S. cotton is exported to our country’s trading partners. The U.S. Department of Agriculture currently predicts 80 percent of 2018 production will leave the country by the end of the marketing year… Read more »

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Randy Smith – Passion Serves

“Growing our crops, we understand the nature of what we do, what we experience and what we are up against,” Randy Smith said. “I think being able to be part of it past the farm is rewarding from the standpoint that it enables us to broaden what we do and have a little more control… Read more »

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Cotton: From Comfort to Innovation

Picture this, you are a young child growing up on a cotton farm. As your father and other family members work to complete harvest on the cotton strippers, you are tasked with tarping modules, or perhaps tromping cotton in cotton trailers. As you climb up the ladder and toss the tarp on top of the… Read more »

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Lubbock’s First Cotton Gin Recognized

Dozens of residents and cotton industry representatives gathered Oct. 5 for the unveiling and dedication of a Texas Historical Marker by the Lubbock County Historical Commission recognizing Lubbock’s first cotton gin. The marker is locate at 17th Street and Avenue A, near the gin’s original location. The significance of the gin cannot be overstated because… Read more »

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Community, Family, Farming: Kody Carson

Kody Carson is one of the newest additions to the PCCA Board of Directors. Hailing from Olton, a small town in the Texas Panhandle where his family has been established since the 1930s, Carson has spent his life positively contributing to rural America, his community and his family. Recently, Carson was elected by his peers… Read more »

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