From the Eyes of PCCA: We Are Member-Focused

No matter what challenges farming may bring, you can rest assured PCCA always operates with its grower-owners’ best interest in mind. Like our employees mention below, our members are why we’re here.

From the Eyes of PCCA: We Admire Our Grower-Owners

We were founded by farmers, for farmers. At PCCA, we admire our grower-owners greatly and know they are one of a kind.

From the Eyes of PCCA: Our Favorite Cotton Products

When you work for a cotton marketing and warehousing cooperative, you’re bound to have a favorite cotton product. Hear what products some of our employees love in this video.

From the Eyes of PCCA: Working Together

As you may have heard, there is strength in numbers. At PCCA, our employees work together to help provide a source of stability for our grower-owners. As a farmer-owned business, we pride ourselves on working together for the betterment of others. Rest assured, when you do business with PCCA, you are taken care of by hard working individuals no matter which department you come into contact with.

From the Eyes of PCCA: PCCA Is

By definition, PCCA is Plains Cotton Cooperative Association – a cotton marketing cooperative headquartered in Lubbock, Texas. More than that though – we are a source of strength for our grower-owners. Find out just what all PCCA is from the employees who work here and know us best.

Roy B. Davis

In honor of his unmatched contributions to the cooperative industry and his memory, the story of Roy B. Davis is told by those who knew him well. Through the cooperative spirit of today, his spirit lives on. Listen, watch, and go back in time to learn about the legend himself.

From the Eyes of PCCA: A Farmer Is

Farmers persevere through events beyond their control and do what it takes to succeed every day. Even during the toughest times, they sacrifice to clothe and feed a nation in need. Farmers are an inspiration to us all. Happy National Ag Day, and thank you to all growers.

From the Eyes of PCCA: Our Favorite Cotton Products

When you work at a cotton marketing cooperative, coming up with your favorite cotton product is a no-brainer. From jeans and t-shirts to salad dressing and more, our employees know and use the versatility of cotton every day.

Meet PCCA Board Member Clint Abernathy

Clint Abernathy has been elected to serve on the PCCA Board of Directors for District 1. Clint hails from Altus, Oklahoma. Farming, sustainability, and co-ops run deep in his family. Watch to learn more about Clint!

Rex Friesen, Gene Latham, and Kansas Cotton

Rex Friesen and Gene Latham are two of the most knowledgeable individuals on the topic of growing cotton in Kansas. With backgrounds ranging from entomology and biology to agronomy and more, they are here to help Kansas farmers grow the best possible cotton crops they can.

Meet the Vardeman Family

Meet PCCA Board member Dean Vardeman, his brother Keith, and father Buzz. Dean and Keith have been farming with Buzz their entire lives, and they all live within a few feet of each other on the same farm they were born and raised on.

From the Eyes of PCCA: We are Proud to Work for Cotton Farmers

Farmers sacrifice more than we know to provide for the world. Not to mention that without them, many communities and businesses would not exist. Thank you, farmers, for giving everyone something to be so proud of.

Meet PCCA Grower-Owner Lee Anne Hutto-Powell

Meet PCCA grower-owner Lee Anne Hutto-Powell from San Angelo, Texas! From growing up on a sheep ranch near Del Rio, Texas, to running her cotton farming operation with her husband Larry Powell today, Lee Anne knows a thing or two about agriculture.

Meet PCCA Grower-Owner Justin Hannsz

The 2018 Texas Farm Bureau Outstanding Young Farmer and Rancher Award recipient also happens to be a PCCA grower-owner. With a diverse operation that spans 140 miles, Justin Hannsz keeps family at the center of all he does.

Meet PCCA Board Member Randy Smith

One of the newest members of the PCCA Board of Directors is Randy Smith from Ropesville, Texas. As a producer, Randy knows the importance of sustainability and viability in the cotton industry.

Meet PCCA Board Member Kody Carson

Meet one of the newest members of the PCCA Board of Directors – Kody Carson! Kody hails from Olton, Texas, and is focused on improving his community, loving his family, and running a sustainable farming operation.

Ray Gober – The Joys of Farming

Farming may be tough right now, but as grower-owner Ray Gober says, “it will all work out.” Watch and listen as this seasoned farmer from Meadow, Texas, shares his heartwarming view of the industry many can’t help but love.

2017-18 By The Numbers

Another year is in the books as PCCA Announces year-end cash distribution of $30.71 million to its grower-owners.

Jimmy Roppolo and United Ag

Meet Jimmy Roppolo, General Manager of United Agricultural Cooperative, Inc. headquartered in El Campo, Texas. After 33 years at the co-op, he knows the best way to help South Texas producers and has even picked up some joys along the way too. Watch the video to learn more about Jimmy and his value-added operation.

The Importance of Farm Policy

Farm Policy is a hot topic right now. What will be the outcome of legislation that is currently in the works, and why should you care? Plains Cotton Growers staff members Steve Verett, Kody Bessent and Mary Jane Buerkle share just how important farm policy is, and how it affects more than just farmers.

 The Mandujano Brothers

Meet Tony and Mando Mandujano of Coyanosa, Texas. Along with their other brother, Beto, these gentlemen have built up a diverse farming operation of fiber and produce in the heart of West Texas. Check out this video to learn more about why they value sustainability and family, and be sure to read the accompanying Commentator story!

Meet the PCCA Sales Team

Just when you had thought you may have met the entire PCCA Sales Team… we bring you more members! Listen in as Carlos Garcia, Grady Martin and Chris Ford tell you a little about themselves and how they work to make money for you, not from you.

Meet the PCCA Sales Team

At PCCA, we work to get you the best possible price for your cotton. Some of the faces behind the scenes are Rick Shepherd, Chris Kramedjian, and Mike Canale. Meet each of these hard-working members of the PCCA Sales Team in the video below!

Rolling Plains Member Communications Staff

The Member Communications Department staff serve as a year-round direct link to PCCA. Whether during the busiest time of year or the slowest, these individuals are there to meet the needs of our growers and their gins. Get to know those who serve our Texas Rolling Plains area better – Director of Member Communications Allen Hoelscher and Area Manager Jennifer Hewitt.

PCCA 2016-17 By The Numbers

New year. New records. Continued advantages for PCCA grower-owners. Here is a recap of the 2016-17 fiscal year.

The Cooperative Advantage – South Texas

You have heard from our West Texas producers on the value of cooperatives, now listen and watch as some of our South Texas growers and gin managers share their perspectives on the best way to do business.

Your Voice, Your Choice – Choose Cooperatives

Our Board of Directors at PCCA are among those that know and have experienced the Co-op Advantage first hand. Cooperatives are here to manage your risks when times are tough and help ensure your operations’ long-term profitability for generations to come. In the cooperative system, you not only have a voice, but also a choice.

In Honor of National Ag Day

Farmers are some of the most dedicated, passionate people around. Today, and everyday, we salute them.

The Cooperative Advantage – PCCA Board of Directors

Have you heard of the advantages of doing business with cooperatives? Our grower-owners’ reasons range from having financial stability to having a voice in the way the business is run, and cover everything in between. Here to share some of their cooperative benefits are those who know it best, the members of the PCCA Board of Directors. Take a look at this video to see why the men who run PCCA say the cooperative way is the best way.

National Farmers Day

Farmers farm for more than one reason, and those reasons are unique to each individual and family that cares for the land. In this video, a few PCCA members share why they farm as well as the contribution farming makes to all of our lives, no matter who or where we are.

The Adams Family Legacy

American farming families are known for carrying on the tradition of caring for each other as well as the land that provides for them. This PCCA member family takes the definition of sustainability beyond the land and into their hearts. Meet the Adams – Powell, Richard and Andrew, who make up three of six generations of farmers in their family.

The Cooperative Advantage – Regionals

PCCA, Farmers Cooperative Compress, and PYCO Industries Inc., work together to keep farmers strong. The CEOs, Kevin Brinkley (PCCA), Ron Harkey (FCC) and Robert Lacy (PYCO) share their thoughts on what the Cooperative Advantage is and how they are doing their best to provide it to the members that are investing in their future.

The Cooperative Advantage

The advantage of being a cooperative member is unique to each individual that chooses to participate in this sector of the agricultural industry. Highlighting those advantages in their own words are some of our members and gin employees, and we couldn’t have said it any better.

Sustainability: The Lahey Family’s Story

This PCCA member family takes care of the land as well as one another. In return, the land takes care of them. Meet the Lahey’s – one of the most prominent cotton farming families in Kansas.

Sustainability: The Abernathy Family’s Story

PCCA members are committed to responsible cotton production on their farms. The Abernathy family in Southwest Oklahoma focuses their production practices on family values, conservation, and tradition.