In Honor of National Ag Day

Farmers are some of the most dedicated, passionate people around. Today, and everyday, we salute them.

The Cooperative Advantage – PCCA Board of Directors

Have you heard of the advantages of doing business with cooperatives? Our grower-owners’ reasons range from having financial stability to having a voice in the way the business is run, and cover everything in between. Here to share some of their cooperative benefits are those who know it best, the members of the PCCA Board of Directors. Take a look at this video to see why the men who run PCCA say the cooperative way is the best way.

National Farmers Day

Farmers farm for more than one reason, and those reasons are unique to each individual and family that cares for the land. In this video, a few PCCA members share why they farm as well as the contribution farming makes to all of our lives, no matter who or where we are.

The Adams Family Legacy

American farming families are known for carrying on the tradition of caring for each other as well as the land that provides for them. This PCCA member family takes the definition of sustainability beyond the land and into their hearts. Meet the Adams – Powell, Richard and Andrew, who make up three of six generations of farmers in their family.

The Cooperative Advantage – Regionals

PCCA, Farmers Cooperative Compress, and PYCO Industries Inc., work together to keep farmers strong. The CEOs, Kevin Brinkley (PCCA), Ron Harkey (FCC) and Robert Lacy (PYCO) share their thoughts on what the Cooperative Advantage is and how they are doing their best to provide it to the members that are investing in their future.

The Cooperative Advantage

The advantage of being a cooperative member is unique to each individual that chooses to participate in this sector of the agricultural industry. Highlighting those advantages in their own words are some of our members and gin employees, and we couldn’t have said it any better.

Sustainability: The Lahey Family’s Story

This PCCA member family takes care of the land as well as one another. In return, the land takes care of them. Meet the Lahey’s – one of the most prominent cotton farming families in Kansas.

Sustainability: The Abernathy Family’s Story

PCCA members are committed to responsible cotton production on their farms. The Abernathy family in Southwest Oklahoma focuses their production practices on family values, conservation, and tradition.